Babies grow up fast, each milestone coming up as soon as the other one is acknowledged. Watching your baby take his first move into independence by crawling is a beautiful sight, one that most mothers never forget. While it invokes a fantastic feeling of joy to experience the world through your baby’s eye, it can also be a period of worry for any mother.

It’s a fact that once babies learn how to move from one point to another, they never sit still. It is tiring to keep up with them, especially since they make it a hobby to get into everything, including things that can hurt them. So, it is left for mothers to create a safe space for their babies to play as well as safely explore their environment.

Baby gates are an essential part of any baby-proofed home. They can limit your baby’s movements to safe spaces within the house while you do other things. In the case of extra wide safety gates, they baby proof your child by limiting them to a safe play area.

Importance of having extra wide safety gates

All mothers have one thing in common, and that is exhaustion. It is often difficult to get enough sleep, do the dishes, do the laundry, feed the baby, look good, keep an eye on the baby all the time, and still be energetic. Most mothers move around amidst confusion while trying to get everything done.

It gets even dicier when your baby starts to crawl or walk. Now you don’t just have all these chores to do; you also have a baby to keep a sharp eye on. With baby gates, it is possible to get your chores done while also ensuring your baby is safe.

Extra wide safety gates are more than just regular baby gates; they could serve dual needs. An extra wide safety gate can be used to sequester your child in a safe play area. They can be adjusted to any size, and if you’ve got a lot of work to do, extra wide safety gates are perfect for you and your baby.

You can set up the limited play area to contain healthy baby-proof toys as well as a blanket and a baby bed. That way, your child can have a nap after tiring himself out with his toys, and you can work comfortably, knowing that your child is safe.

Extra wide safety gates can also be used to create a safe space for your child to have fun in the yard. Many parents would rather keep their children indoors to keep them away from potentially harmful places like the pool if they have one in their house.

Children need sunshine and a healthy dose of fun out in it. Extra wide safety gates make it safe for your child to have fun playing in the sun. You might need to get a big sized gate for your yard, but the smile on your child’s face would be worth it.

Extra wide safety gates are dual purpose because they don’t just function as a means to create an entirely closed off area for your child to play, they can also be readjusted and mounted in wide doorways and stairs to keep your child from passing through.

Things to consider before buying extra wide safety gates

While getting one of these extra wide safety gates, consider what available space you have for the gate and where you’d most likely be mounting it. Even though these gates can be adjusted, knowing your available space would help you make a good estimation of the size to buy.

Another thing to consider is the height and weight of your child. A tall child can easily climb over the gate and get into whatever catches their fancy. Heavier children can easily walk through the gates, especially if the lock type is pressure mounted.

The lock type you choose is also important in helping you meet your goal of protecting your child. Pressure mounted gates and walk through gates might not be the one for you if your child is bigger and exploratory. They’ll end up figuring a way to get around the gate, and you’ll be back to square one.

Make sure you’ve considered these three things before paying for a gate. Extra wide safety gates should be a part of every home, and they are perfect for children of any age. With this safety gate, you can concentrate on other things while your child has fun.


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