A fireplace safety gate helps to protect babies from the dangers of fire. The chances are that you have a fireplace in your home, which is not in use. In that case, a toddler isn’t in danger.

However, for a fireplace in use, a safety gate is crucial to the safety of your baby. Luckily, this article will acquaint you with the tips and tricks to ensure that your fireplace is baby-friendly.

Baby-proofing your fireplace

Parents tend to desist from baby gates because it makes their fireplaces less attractive. Nonetheless, if you need to use your fireplace, you have to install a fireplace safety gate.

Additionally, you need to ensure that whatever baby gate you choose stretches to the walls. Also, it should have an entry door for you to use the fireplace.

Hence, a free-standing gate isn’t the best. It can bring more harm to you or the baby you were safeguarding.

Your fireplace and the choice of baby gate to choose

When deciding on the fire-gate to use, always consider the type of fireplace you have. The two common types are:

  • Wood-burning fireplace

For a wood-burning fireplace, it is essential that you set up your fireplace safety gate farther away. Wood tends to give off popping embers and sparks, which can harm your baby.

More so, the space from setting the gate farther ways allows you to store your fireplace tools. That way, it is easier for you to assess your tools.

  • Gas fireplace

Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, you can install your baby gate closer to a gas fireplace. Nevertheless, it would be best if you were watchful that the installation is adequate.

Do you know that over 150 children get third-degree burns from hot fireplace surfaces every year? Fortunately, installing a fireplace safety gate will guard your wards from hot glass burns.

Benefits of baby proofing your fireplace

  • Safety

A fireplace safety gate shields your toddler from the dangers of fire. Not only that, but it also protects them from bruises which they might suffer from fire sparks.

  • Comfort

Once you fit your baby gate, there will be a relief on your part as a parent, knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to safeguard your child. However, the key to comfort is to install the gate rightly.

Extra tips for baby proofing your fireplace

  • Install carbon monoxide

Fireplace safety gates won’t protect your child from carbon monoxide. With that said, install carbon monoxide alarms. They will help you to maintain a safe level of the poisonous gas in your home.

Fire safety procedures

Your baby will outgrow baby gates at some point eventually. Teach them that fire isn’t what to take lightly. You could show them in pictures and videos of the damage fire can cause.

  • Never leave a child unattended

Never make the mistake of leaving your child alone around a fireplace even after installing a safety gate. It will be wise to have an adult around to monitor a child around a fireplace.

Summarily, fireplace safety gates will go a long way to protect your child from the dangers of fire. However, more work still lies with you as a parent to ensure the ultimate safety of your child.



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