Hardware Mounted Gates – How to Choose the Right One

Wall mounted or hardware mounted safety gates are the most secure form of safety gate available. This type of gate is secured to the wall or door frame by means of brackets that are fastened by using bolts or long screws. The brackets must be installed into a door frame or into the studs inside the wall. Under no circumstances should they be just screwed into drywall or plaster alone.

When installing this type of gate, it is highly recommended to have an experienced installer do the work. if you are experienced with tools and this type of installation, you can install it yourself. Make certain to follow the instructions to the letter. Your baby’s safety depends on it!

For banister to banister installation at the top or bottom of stairs you will find there are a variety of mounting systems so you need to do a little research to find the best one for your particular application. I have installed a number of these gates and found that they are just as secure as wall mounted gates but only when installed properly using the appropriate mounting kit.

Tip: For stair gates using zip ties always mount to the newel post and not the balusters (spindles)

When your child is older and safety gates are no longer needed, all holes can be filled with wall patch compound or colored putty sticks.

Some hardware mounted gate styles have a swing-stop feature that prevents the gate from swinging out over the stairs.

Hardware mounted gates are available in wood, enamel coated steel or aluminum tubing.

Wood gates need to have smooth splinter free surfaces with all corners being rounded not square.

Metal gates may prove more durable and corners and edges also need to be round and smooth. Be aware that some gates might have a support bar or threshold that crosses the floor under the gate. These are not recommended as they can cause tripping when the gate is open.

Did you know that nearly 50% of the injuries using safety gates happen with adults who trip or fall when attempting to step or jump over a gate?

Be certain that whatever gate you buy is easy to open and close so you won’t be tempted to try and climb over it. Also gates should always be installed to open over a landing (“swing in”) not to swing out over the stairs.

When considering what gate to purchase, look for a label from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). This certifies that the gate meets the current safety standards. Another important point is to check for a permanent manufacturers label on the gate in case you need to contact them for assistance.


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